Community Outreach

While the Grant Park Parents Network is not a service organization, we are committed to helping our neighborhood thrive for the benefit of the families living here.  Therefore, community outreach and service is an essential part of our identity and we are excited to share we have created a new board position, Community Outreach Chair, to start building a Community Outreach Program.

The Community Outreach Chair is a member of the Board of Directors and is responsible for developing an annual Community Outreach Program with the goal of fostering ongoing relationships with our local community organizations with a focus on creating opportunities to engage our families (specifically those with children ages five and under) in community service. The Community Outreach Chair is responsible for utilizing the resources of the network to plan campaigns and community service projects by working with the local neighborhood organizations such as: Grant Park Neighborhood Association, Grant Park Conservancy, Schools, Churches and Non-Profits. Each month we will feature opportunities for community service in the Community Corner section of our newsletter.

If you have suggestions for upcoming Community Corner projects or announcements or would like to join the Community Outreach Committee, please email We will do our best to accommodate as many requests as possible.